Nüüd berlin will be invited in the Rivoli gallery in March and April 2020.

They will present abstract paintings by Bo Larsen from his last exhibition "Third Stage: Berlin" as well as sculptures by the artist Axel Teichmann.

BO LARSEN, born in 1986, became interested in filmography after high school and finished his studies as a film assistant. He thought he could reach a wider audience with this "modern" medium compared to painting. After Bo moved to Berlin, he devoted more of his time to painting. His painting is largely based on an experimental technique that he created, improved and perfected during his studies. It is influenced by his main models Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock. Bo Larsen's works were presented at the contemporary art fair BERLINER LIST 2017 during the Berlin Art Week in September 2017. During the Berlin Gallery Weekend 2018, the new DANISH SOUTH SEA series was presented in April/May 2018. In 2018 it was also presented in two group exhibitions. The exhibition "part three: berlin" was shown until December 2019. December 2019. Many of his works are now part of German and foreign collections. Bo Larsen works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

The artist AXEL TEICHMANN was born in 1974 in Stuttgart. He was first trained by Ulrich Olpp and Manfred Sayer at the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart in "graphic design" and then studied from 1998 to 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. In his paintings and sculptures, Axel Teichmann focuses on the human being. He asks questions about the change and renewal of man's self-image and his identification with a constantly changing environment. Axel's painting is extremely fine and concentrated in its composition of forms and colours. Often only one figure is depicted in the paintings, in which the viewer automatically identifies himself. The recipient becomes an integral part of the artistic effect. The same applies to his sculptures made of acrylic glass and gold. The transparent acrylic glass elements reflect the viewer as well as the entire environment. A pixelated figure can be seen from different angles, even several times and in a different form. Axel Teichmann has won numerous prizes and promotions. He lives and works in Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany.