Peinture fraiche

Peinture Fraiche is a bookstore located in the Parvis de la Trinité, in Ixelles.

Push the doors of these large windows, you won't be disappointed! Art books, photo books, architecture books, garden books... The selection is eclectic but sharp, carefully perfected by the owner of the premises. 

Beautiful objects, but not only: quality content, for an art bookshop that remains an essential part of Brussels' cultural life.
For the event Art&Food @ The Bascule, Peinture Fraiche will host a pop-up bookshop.


10 rue du Tabellion | 1050 Bruxelles

t. +32 {0}2 537 11 05 | info@peinture-fraiche.be

From Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30-7