"Projection Room" is a structure dedicated to hosting and supporting multidisciplinary cultural projects.

"Projection Room" has 2 houses, one in Bascule (55 rue de Praetere) composed of an old cinema from the 1930s, a 3-storey gallery and a multi-purpose space located on the ground floor of the complex, and a second one which takes the form of a self-publishing bookshop, Pok, located at 207 rue Blaes, a stone's throw from the Place du Jeu de Balle.

"Projection Room" creates the link between all the projects that compose it and encourages them to collaborate in a collective creative perspective.

The pole structure was born from an observation, transcribing the project 6 years after its birth. While part of the programming has obviously been under the aegis of a pole, a large part is still looking for the hand that will write its history and bind them together.

During Art&Food @ The Bascule, "Projection Room" will host an exhibition set up especially for the event, as well as the pop-up restaurant set up by the IEPSCF: Les deux Jean.

Rue de Praetere 55, 1180 Uccle