SMiling agency

The IEPSCF is a social promotion school in Uccle.

It offers a wide range of practical training at secondary level in various fields: from basic management to training as an educator, courses to become a kitchen clerk or restaurant owner, or a tourism section.

Les Deux Jean is their restaurant of didactic application open to the public.

This gastronomic restaurant is open from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:30.

You will discover the delicious meals prepared by the students of the cooking section.

Reservation required. 

The IEPSCF and the didactic restaurant will be partners of Art&Food @ The Bascule: an opportunity to put into practice what students learn about gastronomy, and to bring them into the world of art!

Rue Gatti de Gamond, 95

1180 UCCLE


02/332 11 66